Professional swimming gear manufacturer, Rocket Science Sports, is proud to launch its first annual 2011 Rocket Science Sports Long Course Swim Championship.  It will be the largest swimming event held in China for international schools in the Asia Pacific region.

This premier event is coordinated jointly with the organization that put together the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, Rocket Science Sports and FINIS, world-wide leaders in design and manufacturing of high performance training tools and swimwear.

The event will be held December 3rd through the 4th at the fantastic venue of Oriental Land in Shanghai, near the historic outskirts of the city.  This facility is used as a training ground for Olympic athletes and offers world-class facilities all around.  The competition will take place in the 50 meter pool with a constant depth of 2.5 meters.  The competition will follow FINA rules and regulations assuring a fair and friendly environment for all swimmers participating in the event.

Marcin Sochacki, CEO of Rocket Science Sports noted, “We are happy to hold this event, as a sponsor.  We are always dedicated to promoting swimming for youth. We are expecting more than 1,400 swimmers to join this event from over 30 international schools.  I’m confident it will become a good platform for everyone to compete in.”

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