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The Rocket Tech Model-G tri suit is aimed at taking your races to the next level. We took advantage of Nobel prize-winning graphene-integrated fabric, which allows for heat exchange between the warmer and cooler parts of your body, as well as the surrounding environment. The Model-G's second-skin fit provides fantastic muscle compression and comfort benefits, as well as helping you to stay as aerodynamic as possible while you race.

Harnessing the amazing heat-dissipation qualities of graphene, the Drag-Zero fabric has been developed exclusively for Rocket Science Sports, to give you the cutting edge you need during your goal races. The unique, honeycomb-mesh structure allows for maximal heat exchange, so you can rise above others while your core temperature stays the same.

The light, durable fabric has a great four-way stretch that feels like a second skin, creating a tight, compression fit that enhances your range of motion as you race.

Veon's three-dimensional specially designed triathlon chamois gives you comfort and protection where you need it, either upright or in the TT position.

Both arm and leg cuffs are lined with Framis free-cut non-slip strips to ensure your suit stays in place, even under the harshest of conditions.

- Sleeveless and mid-sleeve options.
- 3/4 YKK auto-lock front zipper stays in place when locked.
- Flat-lock seams feel smooth against your skin as you race.
- SPF 50 helps you stay protected against harmful UV rays.
- 6-inch inseam.

Fabric: Quick-Dry 80% polyester/20% spandex.
Machine wash, gentle cycle.
Do not machine dry.

Triathlon is a sport that challenges the limits of the human body. Athletes continuously strive to exceed their limits and surpass themselves by constantly breaking through the boundaries of pain and endurance. Quite often, these boundaries are influenced by the external environment.
When our physical limitations have been exceeded, we can turn to our equipment to lend a helping hand and come out ahead of the competition. That's where we come in.

Combining well-researched achievements in the various fields of science and technology, Rocket Science Sports has come up with a trisuit, the Model-G, which addresses the limitations of an athlete and takes racing to the next level.
The fully customizable Model-G utilizes the "Graphene Temperature Control System" to balance and control the temperature of key regions on the body (especially the chest, torso, and upper thighs). Additionally, the DragZero fabric is tailor-made exclusively for Rocket Science Sports, in order to bring the best of cutting-edge technology into the athlete's arsenal.

Rocket Science Sports' graphene-integrated material possesses a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties, and is used in materials science, micro-nano processing, and drug delivery. The applications for graphene are many and it's widely considered to be a revolutionary material for a variety of uses.


Rocket Science Sports uses special technology to print the graphene coating on the inner lining of the fabric. This particular fabric covers the main part of the torso, chest, and upper thighs, and has a honeycomb mesh structure. During a race or a training session, the heat emitted by the "hot spots" of these areas can be dissipated and exchanged, resulting in an overall cooling effect.

When the Model-G is actually on an athlete, an infrared camera can be used to detail the heat dissipation effect. The below materials can also demonstrate what has been described above: the honeycomb-like graphene coating allows heat to spread and dissipate, alleviating a rising core temperature. As well, natural winds on the cycling portion or airflow during the run portion also increase the level of heat dissipation.


Now let's talk aerodynamics: when we ride in the TT posture, the flat areas where the airflow is laminar on the back require a smooth surface, which can reduce the friction between the fabric and the air and produce less resistance. Based on these concepts, Rocket Science Sports pooled the research applied to cycling derived from aerodynamic experts, in order to define and narrow down a series of elastic woven fabrics aimed at reducing frictional resistance in sports activities.

The graphene-integrated fabric has been tested in wind tunnels, and its efficiency has been optimized to better fit triathlon and the specific needs of the sport. In addition, the comfort, breathability and thermal regulation of the fabric have also been considered during the development of the specialized fabric and how it affects the targeted sport.


The Model-G uses VEON three-dimensional support triathlon chamois, which is permeable and quick-drying while ensuring the support and protection of the pubic joint and perineum especially for more comfort in the TT position and distinguishes between male and female styles. The chamois is supportive even after long rides on the bike trainer followed by a brick run.

To hold the leg and arm cuffs in place, the Model-G trisuit uses Free Cut strips from Framis, Italy, which can maintain effective friction in a humid environment and prevent movement during exercise to ensure the comfort of the athlete during even extended, long-distance races.
The Model-G tri suit is available, fully customized, as a single suit order or as part of an order for a team/club. Whether you're a team of one or many, the Model-G can be designed to your unique specifications. Why not join TEAM ROCKET today and find out what you're missing?

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