Here at Rocket Science Sports our dedicated team of experts takes pride in crafting your order from start to finish. Curious about what happens during the process? Read on for more!


During the layout process, each component of your gear is laid out to prepare for the sublimation step.


The first stage in the sublimation process, your gear is printed onto special paper with water based inks.


The printed paper is loaded onto our sublimation machine to heat transfer the inks onto fabric.

Laser Cutting

Once the fabric is printed out, our cutting machine automates and takes care of the work!


When the various components of your gear are cut out completely, sewing begins.


Upon the completion of sewing the garment and affixing all necessary zippers etc. the item is finished, loose threads are cut, and then it is ironed.


To finish the entire production process, garment tags are affixed and your gear is wrapped up for shipping - anywhere in the world!

A Happy Customer in Our Gear

The final step, of course, is the best moment of all: getting your gear and enjoying it!

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