Zero Gravity Buoyancy Shorts - UNISEX

Introducing our revolutionary Zero Gravity Buoyancy Shorts (Unisex) - powered by the same technology used in Rocket Science Sports' cutting-edge wetsuits!
These shorts are the ultimate training companion, surpassing all others in performance. Wave goodbye to cumbersome pull buoys and equipment, as our shorts effortlessly propel athletes into a sleek, hydrodynamic swimming position.
Suitable for swimmers of all levels - from beginners to seasoned pros - the Zero Gravity Shorts will fine-tune and enhance your swimming experience.
Key Features:
- BLT™ - Buoyancy Laminated Technology, providing maximum floatation with minimal thickness and rigidity.
- Seamlessly welded seams for exceptional durability.
- Crafted with top-of-the-line Yamamoto #40 Neoprene, ensuring superior quality.
- Hydrophobic properties keep you light and agile in the water.
- Resilient against chlorine, maintaining its performance wear after wear.
- Offers SPF 50 sun protection for worry-free outdoor swims.
Upgrade your swimming game with our Zero Gravity Buoyancy Shorts - the perfect fusion of innovation and functionality. Dive in and embrace a whole new level of swimming prowess!
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